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Full Version: Looking suggestions of litter box/pan
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OK therefore my kittens are ustilizing the bathroom everywhere my room right away even tho there's a litter box in my room for mother to use the bathroom once containing to her babies,I have placed every kitten in her litter box to point out them that this can be wherever they must be utilizing the toilet however they cannot appear to induce in it to use it, therefore I'm curious what am I able to use as a litter box/pan for the kittens I used to be thinking of employing a giant cake pan then again I want to shop for another one for them to use it as their litter box/pan.

I am looking for suggestions on what else I will use for a kitten litter box/pan?

Your help would be greatly appreciated in giving me suggestions. Thanks ahead for your suggestions and help.
Hello CacciatJocund,

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What litter box do you have right now?  Did I understand it correctly that only the mother cat use the current litter box?  If so, maybe the kittens just need more time to train.  

If you really want a better litter box, check out Petmate Giant Litter Pan.  It has excellent reviews.