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Pet Store Business Greed - FISHERMAN - 09-02-2017

So figured I would go get some media today from my local pet store to speed the fish less cycle up a little in a 20 gallon tank that I am presently working on. First time I have ever been there where I live. Anyways I walk in and ask them if I can get some media or gravel from one of the hundreds of tanks that they have and they just looked at me crazy. Asked me why I fish less cycle. I said because I don't kill fish is why.

They said we can give u some water and I was like I will pass on that. I would appreciate some gravel or a used filter if you could spare some. They were like why are you fish less cycling anyways just throw some fish in the take and let the fish do it for you. I was like thanks for the gravel with bacteria in it for my tank. Guess I should of just informed them or told them that I would not be buying any fish from them after the tank is cycled.

Learning experience and advice: 

If you go to a pet store and ask for some media and they don't know what it is best thing to do is just walk out of the store. 
If they just want to give you some used water but they don't know if the water is disease free or not when you ask them then just walk out of the store. Really aggravates me when a business can sell just about anything for a fish for money but nothing else matters to some of them. Do not know if your tanks are disease free well you should know shouldn't you, One would think. 

You do not know what fish less cycling is but you sell fish and all kinds of accessory's for them you should know shouldn't you, One would think. They sat and told me that they just throw the fish in the tanks I was speechless hell I just walked out what could I say was to disgusted with it. Thank You   Sad