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Greetings from California! - CacciatJocund - 11-29-2017

A warm hello from California. I am British but have lived in California for quite a long while. In summer 2016 we got a cockapoo from a local dog refuge. He has settled in very well and is an established member of our family now!

RE: Greetings from California! - Thor - 11-29-2017

Hello CacciatJocund, welcome to the forum!   Welcome Welcome

Since you have the warm hello from California, I will give you back a chilly hello from northern Michigan.  Haha!  

Personally, I do not have much experience with dogs since I have never had one.   I'd like to hear more from your experience.   Perhaps share a photo or two with us. ;P

It is so nice of you to get a dog from the local refuge.   We need more people doing it instead of supporting the puppy mills.