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Tips for Fish Aquarium Keeping

The location to set up a home aquarium is often overlooked. It is not as simple as “I just want to set it up where I want it to be”. In fact it involves much more than that. The following article goes through where it should not be, and where it should be.
The Location to set up a Home Aquarium

Getting an aquarium set up and running might not be as simple as many people think. It involves in good planning and researching. Lots of equipment and supplies are needed. This article discusses how to to properly set up an aquarium at home.
How to set up an aquarium

If a tank is undersized, it is unsuitable to be used as an aquarium. Undersized tanks are not only harder to maintain, they are often one of the top reasons for the death of fish. The importance of the tank size and some general rules are discussed in this article.
Fish Tank Size Requirement (How big is enough)

An aquarium filter is as important as the fish tank itself when it comes to have a home aquarium. It can’t be skipped if you want to get any fish at all. The following article discusses the importance of filters, as well as how to choose a proper filter for your aquarium.
How to Choose the best aquarium filter for your fish tank

An aquarium heater is the essential part of a tropical aquarium. We will discuss why it is important for tropical fish, as well as some facts we must pay attention to when we choose and use a heater.
How to choose the best aquarium Heater for your tropical fish tank

An aquarium air pump is necessary when you do not have enough surface water movement in your tank. The function of the air pump and all the accessories are discussed in this article.
Aquarium Air Pump for fish tanks

Aquarium substrate is for covering the bottom of a fish tank. While majority of the fish do not care what substrate you use, some bottom feeders such as catfish have special requirement. Planted aquariums can also benefit from the correct choice of substrate.
The Best Aquarium Substrates for Planted and Non-Planted Aquariums

Fish keeping is a very popular hobby around the world. The sad truth is average fish only live for 3 weeks after being sold due to varies of newbie mistakes. The following article goes through a list of common causes and solutions to deal with the problem.
Why did fish die? (Common Fish Beginner Mistakes)

An aquarium water conditioner must be used if you use tap water in your fish tank. Or the fish will die. Find out why we need an aquarium water conditioner for our aquariums, and the top brands to buy from.
Top 5 Aquarium Water Conditioners for Fish

Aquarium Nitrogen cycle is one of the most important knowledge every fish keeper must learn. Fishless cycling is the best solution to prepare a new aquarium for self-sustained nitrogen cycle. A fish will most likely die in an aquarium which is not properly cycled.
Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle and Fishless cycling

Feeding the fish is fun and it is a chance for the aquarium hobbyists to interact with their finned pets. It is important to know what to feed them in order to get the most out of it.
What to Feed the Fish in an Aquarium

Overfeeding is one of the top causes for fish dying in aquariums. Proper feeding routine is one of the first things every novice aquarium hobbyist must learn.
How Much and How Often to Feed the Fish

An aquarium is fun to have. In order to keep enjoying it, we must do some regular tank maintenance.
How often and what to do for aquarium maintenance (Fish Tank Maintenance)

Many fish have attractive bright color, but they do not show their best colors all the time. Experienced hobbyists have tips on enhancing their colors.
Tips on how to improve your aquarium fish colors

Enhance fish colors through the use of high quality food is one of the most natural way for color enhancing. A list of high quality fish food is being discussed through the article below.
Best food to improve fish colors

Sometimes even in a well cycled aquarium, sudden ammonia and nitrite spike can happen. It is also called mini-cycle. There are some good tips to help the fish to get through it.
7 Tips to fix Ammonia and nitrite spike in a fish aquarium

Pest snail problem can be a pain for many aquarium hobbyists. They just keep multiplying into hundreds if not thousands. There are tips to keep pest snail population in check.
How to get rid of pest snails in an aquarium

Algae problem can occur in every aquarium. There is no easy way to get rid of them. In this article, we will discuss the causes and how to deal with algae boom.
How to get rid of algae in an aquarium

For serious aquarium hobbyists, a quarantine tank is very important. There is always the threat of contagious fish diseases and parasites. The risk of adding new fish directly into your main aquarium is very high. A quarantine tank can come in handy for making sure the new fish is healthy before introduce them to your main tank. It can also be useful for treating the sick fish separately without affecting the main tank.
Quarantine Tank (Hospital Tank) for Fish

Aquarium Water Quality to fish is as important as air quality to humans.
11 Tips to Keep Excellent Water Quality in an Aquarium

Some aquarium water conditioners can detoxify or remove ammonia and nitrite temporarily. It is very useful for new aquariums to reduce fish loss.
5 Aquarium Water Conditioners that can Detoxify Ammonia and Nitrite

Strong immune system can fight off diseases and parasites. To keep aquarium fish healthy, there are some tips to boost their immune system and overall health.
5 Tips to Boost Aquarium Fish Immune System to Fight off Diseases and Parasites

Popular Fish Basic Care

Betta is one of the most popular fishes in aquarium keeping. It is also one of the most mistreated fish due to many misconception about their basic needs. Proper betta tank setup is the first step to take care of betta correctly.
Betta Fish Tank Setup and Basic Care (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Treatment for Common Aquarium Fish Diseases and Parasites

Ich is one of the most commonly seen aquarium fish diseases. Discover the cure without using any medications.
Ich Treatment: Tips to Cure Fish Ick Without Medication

Fish mouth rot or mouth fungus can be fatal if not treated in time. It is also contagious. Find out the available treatment.
Successful Treatment of Fish Mouth Rot (Mouth Fungus; Cotton Mouth; Columnaris)