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Cats throughout history
08-29-2014, 08:07 AM,
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Cats throughout history
I've always been very fascinated by the history of the relationship by cats and humans. It is much easier to see how dogs would come to be so closely tied to our species, while cats are still less dependent on us.
I read up a bit on the subject, and it turns out that it was cats who got closer to humans, learning to live with us. Basically, what they call self-domestication. Typical, huh?

As I waded through their history, I noticed their status in the eyes of men changed several times. First they were worshiped in Ancient Egypt, then they became demonic creatures; later still, they were deemed responsible for the spread of diseases like the plague. Today they are one of the most popular pets in the world, and they are protected by laws almost everywhere.

Why do you think humans changed their views about cats so many times?
I have a half-serious theory that might be simplistic, feel free to dismantle it!

They are obviously beautiful, very beautiful and graceful in their movements, so it's easy to like them, and that explains the times humans held them in high regard. But they also appear to be less loving towards us, and we as a species are dumb enough to not understand that their love is shown in a different way; furthermore, they're mysterious and elusive. This could explain the hostility towards them in certain eras.
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