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Division Among the Pack
07-18-2013, 08:09 PM,
haopee Offline


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Division Among the Pack
We have a pack with 5 members. Even though they follow one Alpha (who's also the oldest one), it's obvious that he has a favorite among them. It's the littlest one.

What's weird about this small one is he's too brave for his own size. He would pick fights with the bigger dogs who aren't doing anything to him. And once the others defend themselves, here comes Alpha dog to his rescue. This creates unfair treatment among the other pack members.

Often times, we catch them in a brawl where the little one will bite the legs of the bigger dog while the Alpha will be attacking the defendant up front.

I do hope someday the constant correction will fix the behavior but it concerns me that this might cause a division among the pack.
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01-17-2014, 08:42 AM,
PixieStixxx Offline
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RE: Division Among the Pack
Yeah, it may just work itself out. Or you can just actively work with the smaller [the instigator haha] and make it so that he knows it's not ok to pick fights with his furry family members.

When I first brought another dog into the house, they did not get along. I gave it a few weeks to resolved itself [with my fingers crossed and to trying to emit positive energy the entire time] but I knew that if they didn't resolve their issues, I would have to find a new home for the last edition because it as my other do home first.

But now they are inseparable, plus we've added another ^_^
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