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Does the ThunderCap really work?
03-05-2014, 12:24 PM,
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Does the ThunderCap really work?
I have heard of the ThunderShirt. I sort of understand how it works and how it might calm a dog. But, I've never heard of the ThunderCap.

It's another product in their line. The idea is that it covers the head and eyes. The dog can see through the material but it's filtered vision. They call them "calming caps".

I don't know about this one. I have a nervous dog. She will not wear a doggie jacket. It gives her anxiety. She's terrified of it.

When I have to put on her cone/hood, I have to give her a sedative, wait an hour, then put it on. She's somewhat okay once it is on, but that most likely is due to the effects of the sedative. Seeing how she fights the hood, I cannot see my dog calming down enough to put on a ThunderCap. Then, I could see her panic because she can see the thing hanging over her face but she can't really see the outside world.

I'm going to guess that in order for this to work, your dog has to be okay with these sorts of things to begin with. Even if I could get it on her, I'm not sure it would be helpful for her or us. For example, I use the hood for veterinary visits. We can't muzzle Misha, so the hood provides a barrier to keep the veterinary staff safe from bites. They use a towel to help as well. Misha would be able to strike easily with the ThunderCap. She is the type of dog it is meant for but, I'm afraid it would add one more thing to her list of objects that traumatizes her.

What do you think of the ThunderCap? Is it a useful device or a gimmick?

Here's what it looks like:
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