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Have you ever reared a Frankenstein monster?
08-27-2016, 03:37 AM,
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Have you ever reared a Frankenstein monster?
There have been stories to do with pet owners who have kept animals outside the bracket of mainstream pets like dogs, cats and the like. I have heard of stories of people who have bumped into an egg in the forest and kept it in the right conditions to hatch only for a crocodile or a dangerous progeny of a snake to emerge. There is another story of somebody who rescued a young lion and took it to his home. Familiarity developed between the two but once the lion matured, it started manifesting its wild instincts. As usual, he entered into his cage without any apprehension to clean it or something like that. The lion pounced on him and devoured him. On a less dramatic note even wild birds reared in captivity have been known to fly away leaving chickens behind especially after hearing the cry of a similar bird in the air. Have you ever reared a Frankestein monster?
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