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How Does Your Vet Charge You?
09-25-2013, 02:35 PM,
haopee Offline


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How Does Your Vet Charge You?
I have been lucky to have found a good veterinary clinic around our area. Some of the vets are considerate of the people who try to give their vet the best care even with limited finances.

One of the vets, in particular, will only charge us for one dog's check up when we bring our two dogs (one was in need of a mange treatment, while the other had a wart cauterized). She's a really nice person. Sometimes, she would only charge us for the check-up even when she had treated the dog.

But there are other vets who are pretty greedy. They will charge you until your wallets bleed. When we brought Whitey for a swelling on his ear (which we later found out was an aural hematoma), we ended up having to pay twice what we had expected to. She charged for check-up and two treatments (when usually, all they charge us with is the treatment).

How does your vet charge you?

Does he charge you for check-up and treatment separately? Or is he the type who is considerate of your finances?
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10-11-2013, 12:26 AM,
cliverederson Offline
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RE: How Does Your Vet Charge You?
That's really awesome that you've found a vet who is willing to help people with less money, sounds like a good person! Mine does $35 for any sort of office call, then adds on whatever else is needed like tests or medication etc. I don't think mine is particularly cheap, even though he's been a family friend since I was a kid, his son is one of my best friends growing up. He doesn't give me any sort of discount though, hehe. But I trust him so that's a big reason to go to him for me. He has done things like given me a call early to come pick up my dog after her teeth were clean, etc, which I appreciate. And I can always get him on the phone if there's something I want to ask him. I imagine he's probably similar in price to most vets around here, but I'm not entirely sure. I hope more people post about their experiences so I can get an idea, I'm curious actually!
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10-13-2013, 06:42 AM,
intothebleach Offline
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RE: How Does Your Vet Charge You?
wow i wish our vet did that. We get charged per dog , although I only need to take them for their boosters and ,touch wood, haven't had to take them in for anything more then that. Unless you count Guinness being spade. Each booster is £60 a pop so I keep on top of it as I am on ESA and I couldnt afford to start again if I missed it.
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03-01-2015, 11:25 AM,
Emily202 Offline
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RE: How Does Your Vet Charge You?
My family vet, recently retired but he was the best vet I have ever went to! My cat got ran over by my house, broke many things and passed after but my doctor kept Mario at the office for a month monitoring him and making him better the best he could. He charged me $100 for him staying there a month plus all of the medicine and everything else. I was very grateful! Now, my new vet charges $36 a visit plus medicine and anything else. It's more expensive than I was used to but she is great, she was on point with when my dog would have her puppies, she guessed about when she would and it was that exact day!
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