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I Haven't Seen Any Rat Owners On Here Yet
04-08-2015, 01:55 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-08-2015, 01:57 PM by vi0let.)
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RE: I Haven't Seen Any Rat Owners On Here Yet
Rats are amazing pets! They're so intelligent.

I got my first rats about two years ago. I have a really big ferret cage as their home. The bigger the cage, the better! Muti level cages are recommended too as rats love to climb about.
I had gotten one of those rolling balls for my rats when I first got them but they absolutely hated it. They were terrified when I used to try to put them in it and I quickly gave up. Letting rats free roam is certainly the way to go. It's also nice to train your rats to be shoulder rats so you can walk around with them cuddled up to your neck.

The best thing I can recommend is getting your rats from a rodent rescue IF POSSIBLE. It can be very difficult depending on your location. I got my girls from a pet store because I could not find any rodent rescue groups in my area. There are many factors to consider when buying pet store rats, however. They are more prone to health problems so their lifespan is often decreased. They can also be a lot more difficult to socialize.

I just realized I skipped your last question, also. Rats lifespans are usually more often around two years I would say. One of my girls just recently passed being close to two years old. But my other girl is still extremely active. I've had friends who say their rats usually make it around two years of age but some have lived up to five years. It's extremely unpredictable.
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