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I think my girl is 'nesting'
08-30-2013, 04:45 AM,
intothebleach Offline
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I think my girl is 'nesting'
My 3 year old girl Guiness is nesting, or so I think. She keeps pinching things such as socks, pants, shoes or cushions. All she does is take them outside and leaves them. She doesn't chew them or anything, she just leaves them outside. She has been neutered but I 'think' she is still getting those yearnings. Does any body elses female do that?
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01-27-2014, 01:18 AM,
BirdPoo Offline
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RE: I think my girl is 'nesting'
It is doubtful that she is "nesting" since she is stealing things from your home and just dropping them outside.

Nesting is common behavior seen in pregnant females that are close to the time of whelping, where the female prepares a space to first whelp and then nurture her young.

Oh...your female was not neutered, she was spayedWink We know that she is not preparing to give birth since she is spayed. So I think we can rule out nesting, as well.

I think some personal playtime and her own toys might be a good idea. I have seen dogs who were very attached to owners "steal" their items and place them in an area that they consider to be theirs. She might need more time from mommySmile She also might be bored and need a nice toy. I like a Kong, filled with peanut butter and then frozen. Hours of entertainment! Good Luck!
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