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Is "Tortitude" a Real Quality?
02-11-2015, 12:01 PM,
Laura Greenbrier Offline
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Is "Tortitude" a Real Quality?
You may have herd of the word "tortitude." It's a combination of the words "tortoiseshell" and "attitude" and is attributed to n alleged hard-headed, stubborn, or shall we say "purposeful" attitude in tortoiseshell cats (you can see ours in my avatar).

Do you have, or have the privilege to know, a tortoiseshell cat? Have you observed this quality? How does it manifest in your tortie? Ours has very. definite. ideas. about the spots that she does or does not want to occuy at a given moment. I can carry her to the softest, most inviting, most pillowy part of our bed on the down comforter and zip!--she's gone, no thanks!

Of course 30 minutes later she is sound asleep in the same spot--but it was HER choice and had NOTHING to do with my actions, of course. Big Grin
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02-11-2015, 12:50 PM,
PriscillaKing Offline
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RE: Is "Tortitude" a Real Quality?
Heather has a whitish bib and tail tip, but is otherwise pretty much of a tortoiseshell color...or heathered orange and black. She used to be the smallest, quietest kitten and is now the biggest, toughest cat. (She does not dominate the others in a mean way, though. They all generally get along, and the other two usually defer to a claim if one of them makes it.) I don't know whether she dominates me so much as that I'm a sucker for her dark eyes and extra toes (she wraps her paws around my fingers). I do know she's the hunter in the family...gray squirrels are a nuisance around our home, and Heather keeps them from doing any damage.
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