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Keeping ducks
08-04-2016, 01:55 PM,
remnant Offline


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Keeping ducks
When it comes to bird pets, I think ducks and geese got to be one of the more unfortunate birds, specifically those located in urban areas in the tropics where I come from. The birds can usually be seen foraging on dry land which they are not adapted to. Ducks are supposed to live near water bodies, thats why they have webbed feet and their beak is modelled in such a way as to enable for filter feeding. Most pet owners don't provide conditions conducive for their comfort like water tubs or pools where they can wallow and feed especially when its hot. The birds will naturally gravitate towards the nearest water body and this might include burst sewers where they spend most of the time filter feeding. They invariably end up in the palate despite this mistreatment. My mother told a true story of a time when it rained in a certain zone and there was alot of flooding. Ducks disappeared into the newly existent water bodies never to be seen again by their owners. Any experiences?
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10-11-2016, 01:16 AM,
rz3300 Offline
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RE: Keeping ducks
We have some ducks that come by our cabin all the time when we are up there, but I cannot imagine trying to keep those things contained or as pets in any way. I do not really see the point there either, and they seem perfectly content just walking around and quacking all day.
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