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My Rabbit - the escape artist.
09-12-2012, 06:00 PM,
Julie Offline
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My Rabbit - the escape artist.
I've spent time completely rabbit-proofing the small salon where I sit to read, write and work. It is the best room for the rabbit - she has my companionship most of the time and there is not too much clutter.

The final thing that I made was a gate for the doorway - so that she could see into the kitchen/diner when I was in there and interract safely with the dogs.

I rabbit-proofed the cables and made sure everything was safe for her. Yesterday evening I sat on the sofa reading. I had left the gate to her "compound" open - she tentatively came out and went back in again a few times. She had a little snooze inside - then came out and ventured forth a wee bit before returning "home".

She did this a few times over the course of an hour or so - a little bolder each time. She sat at the gate looking out at the dogs - and again later whilst I was making a cup of tea. She sat quite happily at the gate watching.

This morning, after seeing to the animals' needs, I sat down at the kitchen table to eat my breakfast. Nadine, the rabbit, was confidently exploring the salon. She came to the gate a couple of times and shared sniffs with the dogs.

Then one of the dogs started whining and kind of walking backwards. I soothed him. But then he did it again. He was whining at the slightly ajar door to my bedroom - which is right next to the door to tha salon. I looked in the bedroom - and there was Nadine on my pillow!

The gate to the salon was still closed, none of the sections were broken or wires bent (not that she could bend them - I can't). there were no gaps - no way of escape that I could see.

But at least I know that the dogs are just a little bit scared of her / in awe of her !

So, tonight, with the dogs in another room, I shall read quietly in my rocking chair in the kitchen/diner, in full view of Nadine and watch in the hope that she'll give her escape route away.
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02-14-2013, 10:59 AM,
4sweed Offline


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RE: My Rabbit - the escape artist.
This is a cute story. I think all animals develop interesting escape routes that we as humans have a hard time figuring out. If you have time read about my dog Goodboy's escapes. I had rabbits as pets, but always outdoors in hutches. Is it easy to train a rabbit to use a litterbox? I would really like to know that as they don't interact with humans like cats and dogs do. Have you had her long? Please tell more about your pet rabbit and indoor experiences.
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08-17-2013, 02:18 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-17-2013, 02:20 AM by Writer E.)
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RE: My Rabbit - the escape artist.
I have a chinchilla, Honeyboy, who is an escape artist, so much so that we have to put extra clip locks on his cage door. I found this out a few years ago when I left for a weekend and a friend was pet sitting. When I returned, the friend said that the chinchilla had gotten out of his cage and that the had to chase the chin to get it back in. I thought at first my friend had been careless with closing the cage door. Then I happened to see the chinchilla bite the wire of his cage door and start shaking it. The latch opened and out jumped Honeyboy. I was amazed. I had never seen an animal actually open the door to escape! After that, we put the locks on the cage door and he hasn't run off since. Smile
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