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My Retriever Won't Retrieve
04-30-2015, 11:24 AM,
dashboardc33 Offline
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My Retriever Won't Retrieve
Okay, I admit, she is only half retriever. The other half of her is a poodle. Needless to say, my golden retrieve will not fetch and bring things bad. If we throw something for her, she will happily run up to it, put it in her mouth and then drop it again. I've tried numerous things to see if they work, but nothing seems to work to try to get her to bring it back to me. I've tried the clicker to help train her and reward her with treats when she brings it back. I've tried frisbees, tennis balls, larger balls, sticks, and many other things however, she just is not interested in playing that game with me. She'd rather run off and do her own thing, or sit right on top of my feet. I really wish she would fetch after things though to burn some of her energy off. Does anyone else have a pup who refuses to retrieve? Anything that has helped them?
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05-04-2015, 05:02 AM,
Happyflowerlady Offline


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RE: My Retriever Won't Retrieve
Part of the reason might be her age , if she is still a young puppy. She just goes to see what you threw, and then it isn't anything she wants; so she drops it again.
If you can find something that she wants to keep in her mouth, then she would be more apt to do that and then learn to bring it to you.
If she has a favorite toy that she carries around, then try that , and only toss it a few feet, and say "fetch!". (use a happy voice, so she knows it is fun)
The very instant that she puts it in her mouth, start telling her "good girl", and she will soon get the idea that this is what you want her to do. Poodles are one of the very smartest dogs, and also love to please their people; so once she understands that you WANT her to pick up the toy, she should do that.
You might have to approach her after she has picked up the toy, pat and praise her good as you gently take the toy from her, and then repeat the process.
Once it dawns on her that she gets petted and attention when you take the toy from her, she should start to bring it to you, or at least in your direction. If she only has to bring it a few feet, she will learn to do that pretty fast, and then you can gradually increase the distance once she starts having fun with the game.
Then , you may wonder why you wanted to teach her to fetch.........
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06-11-2015, 05:05 PM,
Aradhya Offline
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RE: My Retriever Won't Retrieve
If you play with him and your dog is not giving any response, may be he/she doesn’t want to play at that time or might be he/she is not well. You should provide a good training to your dog at an early stage and visit vet regularly. You just need to provide proper care to your Retriever so that it will play with you and live happily with you.
You can visit following websites to know more about caring and training tips of retriever.

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06-14-2015, 11:17 AM,
SarahWorksAtHome Offline
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RE: My Retriever Won't Retrieve
Firstly, I just have to get all my giggles out because the title just cracked me up!
A poodle and golden retriever... is that a lot like a poodle and labrador retriever? I had a friend with one of those called a "labradoodle". Her "labradoodle" wasn't much of a fetch playing dog either. Preferred to lay about at her feet gnawing on a bone.
When my girls were puppies they didn't fetch much, did much the same as yours does. It wasn't until we got a very annoying and noisy toy that squeeked loudly when they bit down on that the fun began. Now we can't get them to STOP bring it to us!
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