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Not your usual hound dawg....
10-02-2013, 08:13 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-02-2013, 08:18 AM by Happyflowerlady.)
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Not your usual hound dawg....
The Afghan hound is not at all what comes to your mind when someone mentions the word hound dog.
Unlike a beagle, or a Bloodhound, who are well-known scent hounds, the afghan is a sight hound. Rather than tracking their prey by scent, they have acute vision, and track visually.
Once used in packs to hunt with, the afghan is a dog that you seldom see anymore, and when you do, it is usually one that belongs to a movie star , or another celebrity.
They were really popular back in the sixties, but have almost vanished , since they are a very high maintenance dog.

Afghans are a totally unique dog, with a disposition like no other dog has. They can easily jump out of your 7' fence, and then run 10 miles down the road, just for the fun of it. They will then happily go in the first house with an open door that they see, lay down, and make themselves completely at home.

They could care less if they please you or not, and, in fact, one of their favorite games is to have you and the kids all chasing them down the road to catch them. They will wait for you catch up, and then take off again just before you can get your hands on them. When they get tired of playing with you, they just plop down on the ground and wait, wearing a "wasn't that fun ? " look on their face, and then walk along nicely all the way back home.
Yet, once you have one, and fall in love with the Afghan Hound, you will love them no matter what. They are just so unusual, and wonderful in their own way.

You have to keep them brushed every day, their hair is like fine silk, and tangles with the least movement. The hair along their back is called the saddle, and you comb it with a fine tooth comb to keep it short.
They are the most exotic dog ever, and will look like a breeze moving through a wheat field when they are brushed.
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