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08-26-2016, 03:20 AM,
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Owls are birds of prey which are found in lonely places and are nocturnal. The most striking thing about them is that they resemble cats with large arresting eyes. Owls are a subject of superstition with many communities around the world treating them with alot of suspicion and for good reason. There are many true stories narrating the occurrence of deaths shortly after an owl has visited a compound or a home. They are invariably considered to be unclean evil birds even in christian circles. Recently, an owl was overheard in our village making their characteristically ominous I saw a story about a person who had kept and reared them in his good for people to come and see, of course at a fee. Owls are extremely rare to see but since they are birds of prey, they are hardy enough and not about to be extinct. Would you rear an owl as a pet?
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10-11-2016, 01:12 AM,
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RE: Owls
I have always had a little fascination with owls.  They are such interesting and inspiring creatures.  I remember a while back we had a little barn owl in our garage and it was so exciting, but also a little creepy at the same time because the thing just did not move.  I wish we could get that little guy back for just a bit.
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