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Please be careful to make sure your bird is safe!
09-01-2013, 02:23 PM,
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Please be careful to make sure your bird is safe!
I have heard many stories pertaining to the dangers of neglecting your bird. It seems like common sense to make sure the cage is clean, give nutritious food, fresh water and lots of toys. However, there are little dangers that may lurk that you may not know about.

First, fans. Fans of all kinds (box fans, ceiling fans, fans in a wire cage) are very dangerous to birds for reasons you may imagine. Nevertheless, I see owners let their birds perch on running fans, their little tails so close to the blades. PLEASE do not allow any fans in your room while your little guy is out. It only takes a second.

Second, teflon pans are very dangerous to your bird. These are also known as nonstick coating. When you use these pans, have your bird out of breathing vicinity. The fumes released by these pans are toxic to birds. Fumes also toxic to birds:
1. Air fresheners in the form of powders, sprays (including Glade and Febreeze), incense and potpourri. Strong scents can damage a bird's respiratory system. This includes candles. (DO NOT LIGHT CANDLES WHEN BIRDS ARE OUT OF THEIR CAGE).
2. Automobile and motor vehicle fumes. Please do not expose your bird to any gas, smoke or exhaust fumes.

Third, there are many foods to avoid when feeding your bird. If you google "toxic food for birds", you can get many in depth lists as to what is safe. As a general rule, birds should not consume extra salt, sugar or fat in the form of "human food". Salt is very damaging to a bird's delicate digestive system. Do not feed your bird caffeine or other stimulants.

Know when to take your feathered friend to the vet. Take note of these symptoms:

1. Resting on the bottom of the cage
2. Excessive sleeping
3. Visible nostrils (on birds in which they are usually covered by feathers). If there is a dark brown/black liquid surrounding them, it is an indication of an infection.
4. Lack of appetite
5. Change in poop (amount, consistency, color)
6. Major behavioral changes (more afraid, more destructive, etc.)

You should take your bird to the vet once a year.

There is much more to owning a bird than this, but these are VERY common things that happen to birds due to owners who simply didn't know. It's no one's fault, but it is part of your responsibility as a bird owner to make sure your little one is safe and healthy.

Have a good day!
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09-01-2013, 09:50 PM,
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RE: Please be careful to make sure your bird is safe!
I'm horrified at the thought of anyone letting a bird sit on or close to a fan, or using a candle when a bird is loose in the room.

Not using air fresheners and type of chemical sprays when there is a bird in the room should be common sense but I can image some owners using these without a thought for their feathered friend in its cage.

Birds are really best kept in an aviary but if people must have them inside, the home they should be responsible in their care of their birds and be aware of any dangers to health and know how to keep a bird safe.
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