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Rock sulphur
08-17-2012, 12:56 PM,
Evilsprinkles Offline
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Rock sulphur
Does anyone here use rock sulphur in their dog's water to help keep them cool, in summer? I've heard it contains something that helps cool the blood when they overheat, and I've also heard it can help with skin conditions.

I'm a bit wary of using things I can't find the 'science' for, because if it's anything like homeopathy, I won't use it. I can find information on what it SUPPOSEDLY does, but not HOW it does it.

Any information would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance.

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09-08-2012, 01:47 PM,
TreeClimber Offline


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RE: Rock sulphur
I must admit that I have never heard of rock sulphur. Is it some type of mineral? I did a search on it but didn't find anything very useful. The information out there is very sparse. I couldn't even find anything on Wikipedia to get a description.

It appears that most of the producers of this product are outside the United States. I did find one product by a company called Beaphor. Their website did not have much to say about the product. The description on their website says this:

"Seasonal addition to dogs' drinking water. Solid pieces of sulphur which can be broken off and added to dogs' drinking bowls. Recommended for itchy pads and toes during hot weather."

From that I take it to be sulphur rocks taken from the earth.

I think I would be wary just because there is so little information about it. If you want, you could call your veterinarian to see what they have to say about it.
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