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Safeway Company -- Best Price for Cat Litter
05-15-2015, 12:11 PM,
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Safeway Company -- Best Price for Cat Litter
I am unsure of where this goes, but one thing that I've noticed when buying Kitty Litter for my cat is where to actually buy it for a good amount and at a very decent price.

Buying cat litter at a reasonable price is difficult because companies know that every person will be different with their litter use. Some will change the box every other week, some every other day and so forth. Well, I've rummaged around town to find where the best price of litter can be found and to my surprise, it happens to be the Safeway Companies (Vons, Tom's Thumb, Carrs, Dominicks, etc). Here's how I found out:

When we first got our cat, we decided to go through the traditional route and proceed to pet stores for our pet needs. Petco, Petsmart, and Petpeople would have their litter at a starting price of $14.99 for 15lbs. We literally bought that for a few months until we were motivated to find somewhere else to go to, however, I had left for school and my brother was alone (with the help of my father) to find another store that would have a decent price of cat litter. My brother began to buy the litter at CVS at the starting price of $10 for 14lbs and would buy that throughout the year. Now that I've come back, I decided to do research as to where to buy cat litter and immediately found the best store possible: Safeway Companies.

The starting price at Safeway was $9.00 for 20lbs and sometimes on Fridays, they have their weekly sale where they choose random items to be $5, and the kitty litter would often be on the list. So $5 for 20lbs in comparison to all the other stores is a remarkable deal. I mean, who would have thought it would be at a normal grocery store, right?

So for those of you who are searching for that right place, I highly recommend any Safeway company. I believe they can be found in all states except Florida -- sorry! Happy cat litter purchasing!
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05-18-2015, 10:24 AM,
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RE: Safeway Company -- Best Price for Cat Litter
I can't speak for the Safeway brand because I haven't seen a Safeway since I moved to Maine. Although there may be one somewhere in the state, there aren't any near me. What I have learned is that price isn't the only variable when it comes to cat litter, at least the way that I handle it. Some cat litters don't form very good clumps, requiring me to have to change the litter more often, so in the long run, although it might be costing me less per pound, I am paying more money for cat litter. I only use premium clumping litter and, while I do use some of the less expensive brands (such as Petco's house brand or the house brand from a tractor supply), I mix it with cat litter that is made from corn or walnut shells, which is expensive but compostable and it forms a good clump. In that way, I can scoop once or twice a day, but I don't have to replace the litter as often.
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