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Sugar Gliders
07-28-2014, 12:21 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-28-2014, 12:23 PM by astockd1.)
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Sugar Gliders
Sugar gliders aren't mammals, but lots of people think they are. I don't see a marsupial section, so here we go! They are the most adorable, loving, gracious little pets ever. I have a 5 month old one that I helped raise from when he was smaller than my thumb. He'll sleep in my shirt all day and cuddle with my hand and make little happy chirpy noises when he sees me. He takes food out of my hand and squats down and eats it with his hands, then throws what he doesn't want at the wall. And they make the cutest noises, like when they bark. It's just like when a dog barks, except more high pitched and adorable. I have a bunch of pictures of them, so here are a few of my little 5 month old. We have 4 total, and one is pregnant, so we'll actually have 6 soon... crazy. They're super fun to play with. We have a walk in closet we use as the glider playroom. We have a wood bird perch thing they love to climb up and down and jump to and from, and lots of vines hanging down from the ceiling for them to swing on. We're in the process of covering the walls with fleece so they can climb those too!

[Image: e3196d0e-1884-45c0-b9d4-7558cfe66699.jpg]

[Image: ee771201-8a7f-4d0b-a1e6-4df76b3a164f.jpg]

[Image: 84bc6268-9dae-44ae-8216-72223e466854.jpg]

[Image: dc560391-f0a8-4b60-abd9-476ddd0ee753.jpg]
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