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07-28-2012, 02:15 PM,
Mudd04 Offline
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What are your thoughts on 'teacup' dogs and puppies? Why do you think that people are so enamored with the term? If you believe there is such a classification what is your belief based on? How do you classify a 'teacup'?

For me (and many others), the very term makes my blood pressure rise and it's a big pet peeve. There is actually NO such thing as a 'teacup' dog or puppy.

It is a made up term which doesn't exist which is mostly used to sell dogs. Worse, truly undersized dogs are often that tiny due to serious underlying health concerns such as a liver shunt and other various major issues.

Even when by some unusual twist of fate they are relatively healthy, thier lifespan is considerably shorter (about 7 to 8 years) and they are extremely fragile.

What is the deal with teacups?
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07-30-2012, 04:48 AM,
pugskjj Offline
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RE: Teacups
I have to agree that there is no term "teacup" when it comes to any animal. Do you call the person with dwarfism a "teacup person?" There are dogs that are just born with genetics that make them stay small. And you are right, it isn't healthy at all.

Kotton is my 4 year old chihuahua, she had one litter mate and he, along with her parents and all (but one other) previous litters were "normal" size. She was not bred to be smaller, she just is, and honestly we didn't even know it until after a year she was still being mistaken for a puppy. While I love her with all my heart and wouldn't trade one day with her, I am sadden that she stopped growing because I know that her life is shortened compared to chihuahua's that grow normally. Her father died of something that was wrong with his heart that the doctor said was genetic, so on top of having to worry about that I have to worry about other ways her health is at risk because of her small stature.

People tell me they are envious that I have a "teacup" and those are the ones I pity, because they just don't know...
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