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What Is Your Thought On Breeders?
03-01-2015, 11:29 AM,
Emily202 Offline
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Wink  What Is Your Thought On Breeders?
What do you pet lovers think about animal breeding? Is it okay or not? Would you trust a breeder enough to buy a puppy off of them? What are your requirements in order to buy from a breeder? I would like to know your thoughts! Smile
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04-14-2015, 11:53 AM,
Skyelark Offline

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RE: What Is Your Thought On Breeders?
I know this often tends to be a touchy subject, as many people believe that all breeders are awful and everyone should get a rescue dog. I agree there are a lot of dogs out there that need homes but without credible breeders we would no longer have any distinctions between breeds, everything would be a mutt. I think breeders are needed to keep breeds going. There is nothing wrong with mutts, but certain breeds are needed for specific jobs and tasks that they were originally breed for. Or people require a specific type of dog in order to have a family pet whether that be a certain type of temperament, size, or coat type due to allergies.

Keeping breeders around ensures that specific characteristics of each breed of dog are passed down. I think there should be more limits and restrictions placed on who can breed dogs and how often. To buy from a breeder I would want to visit their facilities in person first, meet there dogs, and likely have a recommendation from a previous buyer.
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04-21-2015, 12:51 AM,
Happyflowerlady Offline


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RE: What Is Your Thought On Breeders?
There is nothing wrong with getting a dog from a dog breeder. Because of the deplorable treatment of some dogs that are in puppy mills; all dog breeders, and especially backyard (or hobby breeders) dog breeders have been given a bad name.
The fact is that most of these people love their dogs, and they are house dogs, just like any other beloved family pet; but they also perform a function in the family, which is to provide puppies which are raised and sold to loving homes.
Most of the dogs that end up in shelters have come from people who got a free puppy from a friend, or at a yard sale, didn't get it fixed, and it ends up having puppies, which are then given away to continue the cycle, or also end up in the dog pound.
My thought on this, is that it is the people who are not trying to raise puppies; but who neglect to get their dogs neutered, who are responsible for so many dogs ending up in a shelter, not because some people are raising puppies and selling them.
Most people who pay $500 for a puppy are going to take care of that puppy, and make sure that it has a good home.
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