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What do you do with extra pets?
06-18-2016, 11:34 AM,
remnant Offline


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What do you do with extra pets?
There was a time I had alot of rabbits in my hutches and they were taking a toll on me since I had to wake up in the morning to feed the bunnies. Most of them were sucking and I facilitated this by holding the mother in a humane position to enable the young ones to suck. Tragedy then struck and a wild predator accessed their hutches and ate a big number. I had planned to sell them in the neighbourhood since the hobby of rabbitry had picked up well in my area. When it comes to pets, most people don't know exactly what to do with the extra ones especially if they are cats or dogs. Some find maintaining them burdensome and neglect them and even chasing them away contributing to the problem of stray dogs especially in urban areas. Others control the problem of inbreeding by neutering the males using a rubber band which is obtained from vet stores to gradually severe the testicular vessels which is generally a painless procedure except at the beginning when one is inserting it. Giving out pets to acquaintances has also been done while others sell them to prospective clients especially if the breed is exotic. What method do you use to dispose off extra pets?
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06-19-2016, 06:49 AM,
Happyflowerlady Offline


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RE: What do you do with extra pets?
My opinion is that the best thing is not to have extra pets !
I think that if you are only acquiring a pet to have as a pet (as opposed to raising them), then having the pet neutered is the best thing to do. That way, your pet will not reproduce, nor wander off looking for a mate if it is a male.
This is one of the biggest reasonss that we have so many unwanted pets, is that people do not properly neuter animals that are not intended for use as breeding animals, and then they have to decide how to find homes for the unwanted and sometimes unexpected offspring.
The new owners often just continue the cycle with the puppies/kittens by allowing those to grow up and also reproduce; and eventually, there are simply way too many pets for the available homes for them.

People who are raising pedigreed puppies/kittens/rabbits, etc. to sell, usually know that they will have a market for the babies when they arrive, so those animals will mostly have a good home and be taken care of, since the purchaser had to pay to acquire the pet.
This is not always true, but it seems like people who spend money buying a pet will also spend money to properly care for the pet and make sure it does not randomly produce unwanted babies.
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