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What do you love most about lizards?
01-22-2014, 07:12 AM,
Roseary Offline
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What do you love most about lizards?
What would you say is your favorite part about keeping a pet lizard?

For me and my bearded dragon, I had loved the fact I lived in a warmer part of the world. It is almost always hot out which meant my lizard was able to stay warm and cozy no matter the time of year.

Since I was renting a house for a bit having a lizard was also another upside. They didn't want pets in the house, but didn't really consider my lizard as the standard pet and gave me the okay for him to stay with us.

My absolute favorite thing about my lizard though, was he didn't have hair! I know that sounds silly, but after having countless animals that need to be brushed, than constantly needing to vacuum the house to get rid of all the hair laying about it was a great change of pace.
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04-20-2014, 02:58 PM,
dragonfly29 Offline
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RE: What do you love most about lizards?
We have a leopard gecko named "Stinkbait," and he is the cutest little lizard you'll ever see. What I love most about him, is how easy he is to take care of. He's small and doesn't take up much space at all. We don't have to walk him, like we do with the dogs. He only eats about 3 times a week. His food is a lot cheaper than dog and cat food. In fact, we raise his food ourselves. We just have a ten gallon tank filled with oatmeal and mealworms. We let them breed, and we have an almost endless supply of food for our little gecko. We just add more mealworms every once in a while, when the supply gets a little low. I also love the fact that these little guys can live for more than 20 years, and we'll have him for a while longer. He has the cutest little smile on his face, and he's the sweetest little reptile ever. Soon, we'll be breeding leopard geckos, and we'll have even more of those cute little lizards around. Lizards are the coolest pets ever.
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04-24-2014, 06:04 AM,
Happyflowerlady Offline


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RE: What do you love most about lizards?
When I was a young girl; my mother bought me a chameleon. I really liked having him as a pet. We put a little string around his neck to make it easier for me to catch him; although he was usually pretty docile and easy to pick up.
Watching him change colors as I put him on different colored objects was great fun, and it always amazed me how well he was able to change colors. He was only about 3-4" long; so not a very large little lizard at all, and I don't think that he ever grew, or at least not very much, anyway.
He ate meal worms that we bought for him from the pet store, but he also liked to hang on mom's lace curtains and watch for floes or bugs that he could catch and eat fresh.
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03-15-2016, 09:51 AM,
Benoit W Offline
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RE: What do you love most about lizards?
Rерtilеs dо dеmоnstrаtе bаsiс еmоtiоns аnd I likе it. А rерtilе thаt is fееling fеаr mаy simрly try tо gеt аwаy, but it саn аlsо еxhibit асtiоns similаr tо аggrеssiоn. Fоr this rеаsоn, it is а gооd idеа tо kеер hаndling sеssiоns with а nеw rерtilе tо а minimum until it gеts usеd tо yоu. Оthеrwisе, yоu mаy sсаrе it intо striking аt yоu, а реrсеivеd thrеаt. It is bеttеr tо hаvе а gооd sеssiоn withоut uрsеtting thе аnimаl thаt lаsts twо minutеs thаn а lоngеr sеssiоn trying tо fоrсе а rерtilе tо ассерt yоu.
А mоrе соntrоvеrsiаl еmоtiоn in rерtilеs is thе соnсерt оf рlеаsurе, оr еvеn lоvе. Mаny fееl thаt thеy hаvе nоt dеvеlореd this еmоtiоn, аs it dоеs nоt nаturаlly bеnеfit thеm. Hоwеvеr, mоst rерtilеs dо sееm tо rесоgnizе реорlе whо frеquеntly hаndlе аnd fееd thеm
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04-25-2016, 06:01 AM,
remnant Offline


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RE: What do you love most about lizards?
I like lizards because of their friendly and prudent nature. A lizard will bathe in the sun lying on a stone silently watching you in bliss before scurrying for cover once you make any movement. This means that they are intelligent and cautious and can get used to people. They seem to live a stress free life and are sunlovers. They are good pets to sedate one's mind and resemble exotic creatures from the Jurassic Era.
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