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Would you ever get a goat as a pet?
05-22-2014, 01:02 AM,
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Would you ever get a goat as a pet?
I used to have a goat that I milked , and I really enjoyed having her. Goats are very friendly creatures, and when I took the dogs for a walk, the goat always loved to follow along , too, snatching bites of grass and weeds as we went along. I lived out in the country, so it was not like she could just run through someone's lawn or anything like that.
I always fed the fresh milk to the dogs and cats, besides making my own yogurt, and using it like you would use any other milk. Fresh, raw milk is the healthiest milk that you can drink or feed your pets, since it still has all of the healing enzymes in it.
Baby goats make great pets ! They are cute, inquisitive, and love to follow you around just like a puppy will.
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