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11-28-2012, 01:53 AM,
amanda509 Offline


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so i got a little festive this year...and $60 in craft stuff later..tada! i do have 4 more to do..but these ones were the guinea pigs...i made my own snowflake and chameleons stamps and everything out of foam :3 maybe i can do some throughout the year and sell them next christmas...i had a lot of fun trying to match up the colors.

the blue and white background along with the snowflakes is actually glitter paint, the body of the chameleon was done with gloss, and the markings were done with glitter paint. the outline was done with sharpie.

[Image: 215860_519166054760455_423778025_n.jpg]

[Image: 63732_519166081427119_1951123967_n.jpg]

[Image: 29381_519166078093786_2146166329_n.jpg]

[Image: 399279_519166091427118_1774334560_n.jpg]

[Image: 604150_519172914759769_1161650802_n.jpg]

[Image: 598424_519172908093103_408378775_n.jpg]
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11-30-2012, 01:06 AM,
Thor Online


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RE: ornaments!!
Nice job, Manda. You are really handy. On the first sight I thought they were mouse pads. Smile
Maybe you can indeed produce mouse pads filled with images of pets. I am sure at least pet lovers will buy them, and perhaps they will want to pay extra for having customized ones made after their own pets.
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11-30-2012, 03:21 AM,
laurasav Offline


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RE: ornaments!!
Hey, I like those! Good job on your cool ornaments, Amanda! I like Thor's idea about making mouse pads, especially custom ones. All kinds of clever ideas for creative minds like yours to profit from - best of luck to you. I ended up giving all my many, many hundreds of ornaments & holiday decor to a niece a couple Christmases ago. Since owning a Bengal cat, we gave up having a tree, ornaments & all the holiday decorations a dozen years ago. She's a mellow, good girl now, but I got out of the habit of decorating back then - now I just think "too much work!" Yes, I miss it sometimes though!
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