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A list of 11 diseases / parasites you can get from your pets
08-17-2013, 02:29 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-17-2013, 02:30 AM by Ram.)
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A list of 11 diseases / parasites you can get from your pets
As pet keepers, we have to watch out for some of the contagious pet diseases and parasites. While the humans are immune to most of these pet diseases and parasites, some of them can be passed onto us if our pets have them and not get treated on time!

The following is the list of diseases and parasites which can be passed from pets to humans,

1. Ringworm
2. Roundworm
3. Hookworm
4. Giardia
5. Campylobacter
6. Salmonella
7. Tapeworms
8. Cat Scratch Disease
9. Bubonic Plague
11. Rabies

We have to learn the symptoms in order to notice these problems early on when it's still only on the pets. To get our pets treated will also prevent us from getting it.

Check out the Source News for full information on the symptoms and prevention methods as well as treatments for each of them.
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08-17-2013, 05:32 AM,
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RE: A list of 11 diseases / parasites you can get from your pets
Yikes! I was honestly not aware that humans could catch worms from cats and dogs. I was under the impression that cat, dog, and human worms were all different and couldn't be caught between each other. Good to know, and another reason to always keep up with worming treatments! My vet deworms about every three months, even though none of my animals go outside.

Quote:Toxoplasmosis is caused by the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii. In the United States it is estimated that 22.5% of the population 12 years and older have been infected with Toxoplasma. In various places throughout the world, it has been shown that up to 95% of some populations have been infected with Toxoplasma. Infection is often highest in areas of the world that have hot, humid climates and lower altitudes.


Healthy people who become infected with Toxoplasma gondii often do not have symptoms because their immune system usually keeps the parasite from causing illness.

And that's enough to make me feel a bit hypochondriac. I guess some people term this "Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome." Luckily, it doesn't seem to be dangerous in healthy people, and I've always been very big on hand-washing.

Thanks for sharing the link, Ram!
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10-14-2013, 02:24 PM,
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RE: A list of 11 diseases / parasites you can get from your pets
I would imagine that one would have a lot less of these problems with indoor cats, because they are mainly not outside to catch these diseases to spread. The only way an indoor cat would get rabbies woud be someone else's animal who had it, came inside and bit them. Another reason, just in case, to get the rabbies vaccine shot for them. I don think that 80% of the time, indoor cats will be saved from this along with their owners who take care of them.

It's interesting learning about the parasites that could be spread. Thank you for sharing.
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05-19-2014, 06:22 AM,
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RE: A list of 11 diseases / parasites you can get from your pets
I have read that a minimum of 80 % of people have some type of parasite, and some doctors think that literally everyone and every thing living on this earth has some kind of parasite, and many of us have a lot of different ones.
We can get them from our pets, but also from other people, and just even touching the grass, or our bedding where our pets have been.
Many times, we get parasites from our food, and sushi is supposed to be extremely full of parasites. Some are huge (up to 40' long) tapeworms, and others are microscopic size ones, and many of them migrate through our bloodstream and into our heart, lungs, and other vital organs.
Diatomaceous Earth can help get rid of parasites. They are punctured by it, either inside or outside of our bodies, and it kills them. Taking a spoonful of it a day in fruit juice or a smoothie will help remove the parasites from your body, and putting some in your pets food will also help them.
Here is a short video that explains the ways we can get parasites in our bodies.

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