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BLM is rounding up wild horses and killing them.
05-07-2014, 03:48 AM,
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BLM is rounding up wild horses and killing them.
For many years, the last of the wild horses roaming the north American continent have been a protected species according to Congress, and they have ben managed by the BLM. (yes, the same BLM that notoriously just shot and killed cattle grazing on BLM managed land in Nevada)
Each year, the BLM rounds up herds of the wild horses, using a combination of mounted cowboys and helicopters. Foals are separated from their mothers, and are sold at special auctions, and the herd itself is often boarded at large ranches in the area.
This year, the horses that were rounded up were sent to Canada, where they did not show up as going through our slaughter houses, and were then butchered in Canada. The BLM is now claiming that these horses are not truly wild horses, but are descended from domesticated horses that got loose and went wild around 50 years ago.
Since it would bee pretty hard to prove whether or not that is true, the BLM will probably continue to do as it pleases with our remaining wild horses in America.

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