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BTS vs Bearded Dragon
01-10-2013, 12:58 PM,
lwilson3 Offline

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BTS vs Bearded Dragon
We currently have 2 beardies, one is a typical sandfire and the other is an extreme citrus tiger leatherback. We are looking to get another reptile, and I've been researching blue tongue skinks. From what I've read they are "affectionate" like beardies, and we have the space for a set-up for one. I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with them, and at what age you would recommend purchasing one? I know they are out of season, at least local to where I am. Also, I was wondering how they compare to beardies, not daily care wise but handling and temperament wise?
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01-14-2013, 03:47 PM,
Fishbone Offline


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RE: BTS vs Bearded Dragon
I've never owned a blue tongue personally, but all of the ones i've seen as pets are quite personable. I have seen a few over the years that were rather nasty tempered, but those hadn't been interacted with as much. I would definitely try to get one younger. That way it has more time to acclimate to you, and less chance it's been left alone without interaction too long. There are normally BTS's for sale, all the shows I go to, and online, at least IJ's. Where are you located?
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