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Best Hay for Rabbits?
07-16-2012, 08:58 AM,
mora2000 Offline
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Best Hay for Rabbits?
Right now I am using Timothy hay for my Dwarf. Is there any difference between that and something like Orchard Grass?
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08-16-2012, 03:37 AM,
Ram Offline
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RE: Best Hay for Rabbits?
Timothy Hay is a high quality food for rabbits and some other rodents. You are fine with it as the main diet for your rabbits. If you want to make sure your pet rabbit has a very balanced diet, you may want to try to mix up some different hay.

From what I heard, Orchard grass is good too, so is Bermuda grass. Orchard grass is higher in fiber, and lower in protein. If it is up to me, I wouldn't feed any single type of grass though.
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01-22-2014, 09:52 PM,
BirdPoo Offline
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RE: Best Hay for Rabbits?
Here are a few simple guidelines for the bunny lover to follow.

Feed a small amount of good, clean hay every day. It should not be dusty or moldy.
Roughage, especially hay, will reduce problems with hairballs and other blockage. Grass or timothy
hay is best for rabbits over 6 months of age. Hay can improve your rabbit’s life expectancy.
SALT—Commercial rabbit feeds contain 0.5 percent salt. Small salt blocks are available to put in
WATER—Is the most important item in your rabbit’s diet. If adequate water is not supplied, your
rabbit will not eat like it should, will not gain/grow adequately, and could become dehydrated. Fresh
water is extremely important—Never let your water sit more than a day without changing it. This
keeps it from stagnating. Fresh clean water should be supplied to your rabbit 2 or 3 times per day.
Remember to keep your water crocks and bottles clean. You can disinfect them with a mixture of
household bleach and warm water. QUICK FACT—A doe with a litter drinks 1 gallon of water per
VEGETABLES—Sources vary on the amount of fresh vegetables you can feed your rabbits. When
feeding vegetables, add a new vegetable one at a time and see how your rabbit reacts. If it acts
lethargic or has loose stools, quit the vegetable immediately. Some suggested vegetables were
broccoli, Brussels sprouts, pea pods, carrots, celery to name a few.

A FEW DON’TS—DO NOT change feeds abruptly. Mix 90% of old feed with 10% new and gradually
increase the % of new until your rabbit adapts.
DON’T feed young rabbits cabbage or lettuce (they cause stomach and gas pains).
DON’T feed green grass, corn, beans, and rhubarb. They can all cause rabbits to become sick.
Some sources say DO NOT purchase a feed that is supplemented with bits of dried fruit and seed.
DO NOT feed any hay with golden rod in it. It is toxic to rabbits.
DON’T feed rabbits anything sugary.
DON’T feed human treats such as cookies, crackers, bread, pasta, or chocolate.
DON’T put off learning what plants in your area can be poisonous to your rabbits.
Some sources say DO NOT feed dwarf rabbits alfalfa hay or pellets with more than 16 % protein. Too
much protein can cause problems.

Check occasionally to see if your rabbit is being fed enough or too much. Feel the skin covering its
ribs and backbone. If it feels too thin, increase its food and well...if it feels a bit plump, decreaseSmile
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05-03-2014, 09:27 AM,
Happyflowerlady Offline


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RE: Best Hay for Rabbits?
If you get rabbit pellets as food, they are usually made with alfalfa hay, and i have also used handsful of alfalfa for feeding a rabbit. For bedding, straw is a much better choice than hay though.
I also gave my rabbits things like carrots, apples, and lettuce. Clover and other yard clippings are fine as well, but if you mow the lawn, only give them a small amount of lawn clippings, since it will soon heat up and mold, because it is still fresh and green, and not dried like the hay is.
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