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Best overall flea prevention
01-17-2015, 11:35 AM,
nickysduck2 Offline

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Best overall flea prevention
I have two sweet little fur babies that I love like my children. In fact they are my children. My dogs are 2 years old and are sisters. They are shepard/chow mix and I have taken every step to give them all the love and care any good mother should. They have had regular vet check ups and are up to date on all their shots. Their vet suggested I put them on Advantage multi to prevent fleas and all types of worms. I have had them on this since they were 12 weeks old but am wondering just how safe these types of topical flea and worm prevention methods really are. I have no complaints but am hoping I never do! Is there anything I should know about Advantage multi or can anyone share any advice on what the best flea prevention method is?

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01-30-2015, 03:25 PM,
TamannaKhare Offline
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RE: Best overall flea prevention
You should clean your home every day just keeping in mind the end goal to spare your pooch from the fleas. Adult fleas spend the vast majority of their time on an animal, but flea eggs, larvae, and pupae are most often found in the pet's surroundings- particularly in covering, bedclothes, and under furniture edges. You can likewise utilize household Foggers and sprays for this purpose. You can also purchase ready-made flea traps that help killing a percentage of the grown-up fleas.(Source: http://www.petsworld.in/blog/how-to-save...fleas.html)
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02-03-2015, 03:44 AM,
Happyflowerlady Offline


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RE: Best overall flea prevention
Vacuuming the floor once a day is one of the best ways to get rid of fleas in the house. However, anytime the dog goes outside more fleas will get on the dogs.
Most of the flea poison that you can buy for dogs has chemicals that get in your pet's blood, and when the fleas suck the dog's blood, then the chemicals poison the flea and it eventually dies.
The main problem that I have with these types of flea medicine is that I don't like to put chemicals in my dog's blood; plus, it doesn't actually stop fleas from biting the dog, it only kills them after they have done the deed.
While it does stop that perticular flea from laying eggs and reproducing or biting the dog again; in the meantime, the dog is still trying to scratch off the fleas.
I have uually used a flea repellant, and even vinegar with lemon in it works great for repelling fleas, and doesn't cause any harm to the dogs.
This way, the fleas (hopefully) don't even get on the dog and bite him in the firt place. And when they do get on the dog, they usually jump back off and are vacuumed up.
I also put diatomaceous earth in the dog beds, and this kills the fleas and is in no way harmful to the dog.
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02-25-2015, 04:52 PM,
pandabear1991 Offline
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RE: Best overall flea prevention
Cleaning your home, as mentioned above, will do wonders for fleas. But I would also like to recommend Permethrin, it is a concentrated repellent for pests (fleas and ticks included) and can be bought at a farmer's store or co-op. Usually comes in a clear plastic container with yellow-brown liquid. You are supposed to follow the directions and mix (don't quote me) 2 tablespoons of Permethrin to a gallon of water, and spray your property.

I have a friend who volunteers at shelters recommend this. She also has 7 dogs and a cat, and the permethrin has worked wonders on her 2 acre property. Her dogs also get the advantage treatment. She literally never had fleas.
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