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Betta question
08-15-2012, 03:05 PM,
rwzheng1997 Offline
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Betta question
How lively/active should a healthy betta fish be? I feed it about 6 granules per meal, two meals per day, and fast it once a week. I leave the filter on (a weak one) for about 4 hours a day (it seems to tire quickly from the current). This is the first week with the fish. It regained some color after I bought it (the pet store kept it in a little container, so I guessed it kind of started dying a bit), and it just swims around the tank. It kind of dashes forward, and then

Additional Info:
My betta tank is 5 gallons with rocks on the bottom the size of a tangerine, or smaller. It has a small 5 gallon filter. Water temp: 78 degrees
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08-16-2012, 06:33 PM,
Thor Online


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RE: Betta question
You have been overfeeding your betta. Betta's stomach is as small as its eye. You only need to feed once a day instead of two meals. How big are the granules? Even for 0.5mm pellets, 3~5 of them is more than enough for a betta. If it is 1mm, then 1~3 should be enough. Remember, once a day, not twice a day.

Filter must be turned on 24/7. If the filter is too strong for the tank, then you are using the wrong filter. I highly recommend to use a sponge filter for betta tank. Since they do not like current.

New fish typically need time to adjust to their new environment. It is normal that they are not very active at first. By adding more decoration and plants to create hiding places can make them feel more comfortable and thus become more active.
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