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Common houseplants that are dangerous to pets.
04-25-2014, 12:57 AM,
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Common houseplants that are dangerous to pets.
Many of the common plants that we often have, either in our house or outside in the yard and garden, are extremely dangerous to our pets.
Some plants will just make the pet sick (bad enough, already); but other plants will actually kill any pet that eats ot chews the plant.
Puppies are especially vulnerable to this, since they are natural chewers and will also dig holes in the yard, thus uncovering roots or flower bulbs. Even the stems and leaves of a plant can look fascinating to a puppy.
I planted some bush cherries along the fence line, hoping that they would not only produce fruit eventually, but also make a natural hedge around the yard once they reached full height and width. The dogs liked to look out through the fence and watch people walking down the road. While they watched, they also chewed the tops off of my new cherry bushes! Fortunately, the dogs weren't harmed , but the poor cherry bushes will have to be replaces. ( I have now divided the back yard, so the dogs can run around out there, and not be where I will replant the cherry bushes.)
Here is a list of some of the most common plants that can be poisonous to our pets:

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