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Crazy things you've seen your horse do?
01-21-2014, 05:35 AM,
Roseary Offline
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Crazy things you've seen your horse do?
When I got my first horse my family and I didn't have property yet to keep the horse on so we held her at a boarding facility for horses, where they had quite a bit of property and trainers available for hire, along with contests.

The important part of this story is the fact that we held the horses in separate pens, and there was a lot of other horses here.

Well, my horse being the smart girl she was found out how to unlock the pen with her mouth, and was able to get out whenever she wanted. Apparently she got bored being the only horse out though... So she started opening the other horses pens.

It was the funniest yet strangest moment when I got a called from the owner of the property asking if I could come down as quickly as possible, because she needed me to get my horse and help her get the other 15 my horse let out as well.

Anyone else have their horse do this? Or seen your horse do something funny/strange?
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09-19-2014, 11:37 AM,
Happyflowerlady Offline


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RE: Crazy things you've seen your horse do?
I used to have a beautiful white Arabian gelding that was incredibly smart; and he had a delightful sense of humor as well. When he wanted to get my attention he would pull the halter off of Goldie (our other horse), and then he would carry it in his mouth down to the big metal farm gate near the driveway. Using his head, he would clank halter against the gate, and the metal fittings on the halter made a terrible racket.
When he saw me coming outside to see what all the racket was; his ears would perk up, and he would hang his head over the fence and swing the halter up and down so i was sure to see it. Plainly as if he could talk, he was telling me "LOOK ! ! I've got Goldie's halter." and he would be so proud of himself for his little joke.
He could also open the pasture gate and sometimes we would hear him and Goldie galloping down the driveway at night; and then of course, he had to pretend to be wild and not be caught until he was tired and ready to come back home.
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07-01-2016, 03:37 PM,
Kristenfields Offline

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RE: Crazy things you've seen your horse do?
This quarter horse I used to have loved buckets and was always very playful. So every time I would feed her, I would lay the bucket down and start to feed the other horses. But then she would pick the bucket up and start moving it up and down and would even throw it up in the air.
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07-08-2016, 10:23 PM,
Corzhens Offline


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RE: Crazy things you've seen your horse do?
My father was a race horse trainer so you can imagine that I had been in contact with lots of horses, the big horses called thoroughbred. We owned a horse with the name Who Knows and another with the name Knows How. The first horse, Who Knows, is a white horse that has won many races. His idiosyncrasy after a race is to pee right in the entrance of the stable. That horse wouldn't pee in the racetrack but only in that particular portion of the stable. My father would always warn us to clear the road when Who Knows is coming back after a race because for sure the "faucet will be running" was his term for that.
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