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Ever lost a pet?
04-15-2016, 02:35 PM,
remnant Offline


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Ever lost a pet?
Pets do get lost especially when moving to another place. It may get an opportunity to stray and might fail to get back in time for transit with other family members. In fact it happened to us under similar circumstances. We lost our cat in the confusion and only discovered it much later. The cat became wild residents in that area used to remember us when it was around. Unfortunately, we had changed locations due to a serious family dispute and were not in a position to go back and look for him.
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05-09-2016, 03:45 AM,
heavymetalkilos Offline
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RE: Ever lost a pet?
I did lost my pet for a short while! My hamster didn't ever tried to sneak out of her little box but this one time she just got out of her cage and disappeared! We couldn't find her for a day and I was getting worried sick - I knew it was the end of her if she had ran away. Luckily, the next day I was again checking (for the last time) all the places around my room and I found her behind my TV. It was such a relief! I don't even know how she managed to jump out of her cage and not die, then run around in my room for almost 24 hours and then find her way on a separate table and hide there. It's still a huge mystery to me!
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05-11-2016, 02:53 PM,
Corzhens Offline


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RE: Ever lost a pet?
We had a pet pigeon that got lost. But this is the story. In the afternoon of December 24, 2007, a pigeon came knocking on our doorstep. We gave it some rice. And while feeding, our housemaid caught the pigeon. After inspecting the bird, we let it loose since it is getting late in the afternoon. On Christmas day, we were surprised to see that pigeon again. Again, we gave it food. To make the story short, that pigeon became our pet. We named her Twinkle. She stayed inside our house and had made a nest on the second floor.

After 5 years with us, she suddenly left without warning. It was a bright morning when she got out of the house to peck on the front yard grounds. My husband was also there and I was in the terrace. She flew to the roof as she normally does. But then we saw her flying away. My husband ran out to the street and search for Twinkle. She was gone. And we were really saddened by her leaving us.
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05-11-2016, 08:42 PM,
Thor Offline


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RE: Ever lost a pet?
When I saw the topic of the thread I thought it was about a pet passed away.
While I haven't lost any pet recently, many years ago I had parakeets somehow opened the exit of their cage and disappeared into the neighborhood. I do not believe they are among the bird species recognize their way home. Back then I was only a kid, and I was so worried about their well being since I doubt they could have survived on their own. Sure they can chew on various plants as veggie is a part of their diet, but seeds are hard to come by in a city where I used to live. Hopefully someone found them and took good care of them.

@ Corzhens,
Are you sure the pigeon left you at free will? Maybe she got lost, maybe she was in some kind of trouble and unable to go back to you. The only thing we know is that she did not come back. Anyway, I am sorry to hear about it. I hope she is doing well either on her own or maybe with another family who also takes good care of her just like yours.
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