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Have you tried to hand feed your pet birds?
11-01-2013, 02:55 PM,
Thor Online


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Have you tried to hand feed your pet birds?
Hand feeding your pet bird can be very fun and unique experience. It can take the relationship between you and your pet birds to a whole new level if you haven't done so.

Just two weeks after I got my pet budgies, I was able to hand feed them. It is easy. Instead of filling up their food cup, I put the food in my hand instead. At first they were hesitated to come down on my hand, but once one of the budgies came down to eat, the other one flew straight onto my hand and started eating too. The power of hunger was strong! Tongue No, I didn't let them go hungry on purpose. It was simply the normal time for a refill of their food cup.

Some photos of me hand feed my budgies.

Look at them eating the seeds on my hand.
[Image: hand-feeding-two-birds-1024x574.jpg]
They didn't seem to care when I moved my hand out of the cage either. lol

Now one of them is eating veggie. Since I feed them fresh vegetable every day, I thought why not hand feed them veggie too.
[Image: veggie-01-1024x574.jpg]

Watch the little guy torn the vegetable into smaller pieces. He really enjoys it.
[Image: veggie-02-1024x574.jpg]

He isn't exactly camera shy when he is eating.
[Image: hand-feeding-blue-02-1024x574.jpg]

If any of you pet bird owners haven't hand fed your birds, I highly recommend you try it. Take it slow, no rush. Let the bird come to your hand instead of putting your hairy hand closer to your bird to scare them. Tongue Once they have tried it, they will do it again and again.
(In my personal opinion), I believe hand feed your bird the first step to bond with your bird. It is a required step if you ever want to train your bird to do more (tricks or learn to speak).
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01-05-2014, 02:26 PM,
Ram Offline
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RE: Have you tried to hand feed your pet birds?
That's really cute.

Although I have had some budgies for many years during my childhood, never once I tried to hand feed them. My budgies were eager to eat and they were always in such a hurry to get to the food cup every time I was filling it up. I guess I could have tried to hand feed them instead. It looks so much more fun. Clap

It is so nice to see your birds interact with you so soon. I will definitely try it the next time I get some budgies.
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