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Is my beetle go hibernation?
12-21-2015, 05:31 AM,
EzziB Offline

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Is my beetle go hibernation?
Well, I need a bit info about beetle's live.

Because I'm the first time from got pet atlas-beetle (5cm male) from ago on Wednesday.
He had a lot of walk in his terrarium, a a bit sleep.

Then, He ate close all jelly by one jelly-cup 16g in single day.
Then go at sleep. He almost sleep 2day in wood's under and dug in the ground to make a "nest".

I rub a little to him. He has to move, but still want to sleep. Before I am worried if he would be dead.

I read google said: The beetles use hibernate if feel cold. But, my room is warm.
If he know here now December are winter?

Sorry poor english.
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12-30-2015, 07:15 PM,
Thor Offline


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RE: Is my beetle go hibernation?
From what I understand, male atlas beetle can only live for 8 months, while the female atlas beetles can live for 2 years. So I figured only the female ones can go into hibernation when the winter hits, and the male dies.

When you mentioned your room is not cold, what exactly room temperature do you have? Perhaps the beetle digs to keep itself warm. I am not certain on the subject.
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04-24-2016, 05:21 AM,
remnant Offline


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RE: Is my beetle go hibernation?
It could be that the prevailing conditions in the terrarium are suboptimal for the beetle. For instance, you should check the ambient temperature and humidity and match these with the requirements for the particular species of atlas beetles in question. It could be that the terrarium is too cold and a light bulb emitting incandescent light is fine. They also tend to hide in crevices if its hot in order to stay cooler. It could also be possible that the beetles are in a state of inactivity due to being engorged with food.
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