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Pet Click Beetle Anyone?
06-20-2014, 09:49 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-20-2014, 09:53 AM by Jamey Lewis.)
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Pet Click Beetle Anyone?
I found a 2 inch click beetle when I got back from my vacation June 3rd. At first he was going to be used to feed my spider (for the curious its an american house spider) cause I saw how big he was and thought "that's a lot of protein!" So I placed him in an old gallon sized ice cream bucket. He had about and inch or two of dirt. I was waiting for feeding time for my spider so I wasn't too concerned if he was 100% happy.

As I watched him though, I thought. How fascinating that I found a 2 inch click beetle! And those two eye-like yellow and black spots on his back are very eye catching. Then I began to think, well he is a large beetle my small spider couldn't eat him, so I'm keeping him! Its been 4 days, I am going to make his home happier. So I put in some sticks and stuff so he could climb as I did research.

I looked up what they eat. I looked up where they live. What class of insect they are. What they're predetors are. If they swim. Ect.

At the two week mark, I got him out the gallon sized bucket and got him in a 10 gallon mansion! He has some decaying wood and logs for climbing. Dirt and leaves for eating provided he is wants to. tree bark for hiding and also oatmeal cause I KNOW he eats that. Great value brand, not Quacker! Haha I also mist his habitat.

Before it looked like he wanted to escape. Now that he has room, steady supply of food and water, things to climb on and hiding places he just acts like a bug! I didn't plan on keeping him to begin with. I don't really recommend picking up random bugs out your yard and keeping them. But this little guy grew on me! Am I the only one here with a pet click beetle? Comment your thoughts and ideas!(=

- Jamey

P.S. His name is Clifford! Big Grin
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