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Memorial for a pet?
05-30-2016, 12:06 AM,
remnant Offline


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Memorial for a pet?
We have had numerous pets in the past. Just like the norm in life, everything in life has a beginning and an end and sadly this end means death as far as living things are concerned. When I was in my childhood, I came to learn of the family pet's death with alot of sadness. But the method of disposal of the erstwhile faithful friend to me, left everything to be desired. In one instance, a dog died and was put in a sack and discarded in the bush. Just like that with no fanfare or any recognition of a lifetime of service and trust. The best I witnessed is when my grandfather took one dog to its grave, a grave wistful look etched on his face. The grave was a Circular hole and the pet was lowered and then unceremoniously buried. I do understand that animals don't have a spirit, they only have a body and a soul and religion has less to play in such circumstances. But in my opinion, a small commemoration would do no harm, or what do you think?
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05-30-2016, 09:41 AM,
Corzhens Offline


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RE: Memorial for a pet?
When our first dog died, we were so devastated as if we had lost a child in the family. The 10 years of companionship had built a solid bond between me and Jedi. Renal failure was causing her too much pain so I requested the vet to put her to sleep. Jedi died in my hands. After several hours, my husband placed Jedi in a transparent plastic, the same size as trash bags. The first plastic bag was sealed and it again was inserted in another plastic bag for sealing. Jedi is a medium sized dog so the digging had to be done by 2 persons. There she lay for several months until I learned of the pet crematorium.

I hired people to unearth Jedi from her burial place. Her corpse was still intact. And after the cremation, they placed the ashes in a nice wooden box which is now resting in our living room. Until now, I still reminisce my happy days with Jedi.
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