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Moving the litter boxes
07-29-2012, 06:45 AM,
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Moving the litter boxes
When we moved to our current house, we had to put the litter boxes in a bedroom because this two-story house has no basement, being so close to the lake. There's no room for the 3 litter boxes in either bathroom, so we put a sheet of linoleum over the carpet in the bedroom, stapling part of it up against the wall. I've hated having to give up a bedroom for the cat litter boxes though! Plus I know if we sell the house in the future, it's going to be a huge turn-off for potential buyers to see a bedroom being used as a litter box room! I recently got the idea from somewhere, maybe one of these forum threads or maybe on TV, about using the furnace room to put the litter boxes in. We are in the process of finishing off our tiny furnace room to keep the litter boxes in there. It has a door which we'll switch out with the bedroom door that we already put a little cat-flap door into that they can come in & out of, with the main door closed. There's only room for two litter boxes to comfortably fit in the furnace room though, so hopefully that won't be a problem with the 3 cats that have been always used to having 3 boxes. Our biggest worry is them wanting to go inside the small, rather noisy furnace room to do their toilet business. I've been trying to get them in there the last couple days while the hubby has been working on the room, but they're very nervous. The DSH cat completely refuses to step inside the room at all. My husband thinks we should leave a box in the bedroom, just in case, to make sure there's no "accidents" until they get used to going in the furnace room. I think it's a bad idea because they will certainly prefer going where they're used to going, and won't even give the furnace room a chance. The bedroom should be completely shut off to them so the only choice they have is the furnace room. What do you think?
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