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My parakeets are picky eaters
01-27-2015, 01:06 AM,
DancingLady Offline
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My parakeets are picky eaters
When I got my parakeets I first read a book invading for them so I woukd know what to do. The book and the pet shop own recommended giving them pieces of fruits and vegetables. I've tried this but neither of them have ever given it a try. I don't know why, but it's like they are convinced that only sees and millet is food and these other things are just foreign objects invading their cage.
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01-28-2015, 02:23 AM,
Thor Online


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RE: Picky eaters
It is not good to feed them only a single type of seeds.
You need some fixed seeds. For example, I feed my budgies millet, oats, canary seeds, along with some veggie seeds.

Even with mixed seeds, it is not enough. The birds need more vitamins in their diet.

You need to feed them leafing veggies. Mine love it, and basically they go crazy when I feed them leafy veggies. My birds also liked broccoli for a while before somehow they got bored with it.
Do not feed them fruit, as there is too much sugar in them. Some fruit seeds are toxic to the birds.

We can never duplicate their true natural diet since they would chew on varies plants and seeds every day in the wild, but we can at least try to provide a well balanced diet that is as close as to their natural diet as possible.
There is also the need for mineral supplement. If you check my budgie threads, you'd see the mineral rock in the cage. It contains varies minerals the birds need.
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11-16-2015, 12:45 PM,
legeipslt Offline
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RE: My parakeets are picky eaters
Thor is correct -- pet birds need a variety of foods that contain vitamins. Vitamin A is vital for your bird's health. It helps maintain healthy feathers, skin, eyes, intestinal tract, respiratory system, and their reproduction organs.

Offer carrots, squash, potatoes, spinach, corn, apricots, eggs, and fish oils. These foods are rich in Vitamin A.

Seeds do not contain nearly enough Vitamin A. Birds that want to eat nothing but seeds are called seed junkies. Research has found that seeds and nuts contain addictive fats that create an energy boost -- which is similar to a sugar rush humans feels when eating sugary foods. The bird becomes addicted to the seeds and will prefer them over nutritious good foods.

Birds are creatures of habit and like to see familiar foods. It is common for birds to shy away from new or unfamiliar foods, and will take some time observing the new food before they will try it. Offer small amounts mixed with their seed.

Without the right nutrients birds eventually become sick, and this can shorten the bird's life span.

Lastly, never offer new foods when your bird is sick.
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