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Meet my new Budgerigar Parakeets
10-07-2013, 09:35 PM,
Thor Online


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Smile  Meet my new Budgerigar Parakeets
I just got a pair of young Budgerigar Parakeets (Budgie). They were still shy during the first a few days. I had to wait for them to become more active before showing them off. Big Grin

Their current bird cage is 20" long x 15" wide x 40" high. It will be upgraded eventually. I am feeding these budgies with some mixed seeds made up of mostly millet, multiple types of grass seeds and veggie seeds, sesame seeds, and some oats, along with some fresh veggie every day. I have ordered more seeds for a better mix.

Some photos of these budgies.
[Image: Two-Budgie-parakeets-1024x573.jpg]

This is one of my favorite. The two budgies were caught kissing in the nest. Big Grin
[Image: Budgie-parakeets-kissing.jpg]

I just love to see them using the nest. Clap
[Image: Two-Budgie-Parakeets-in-a-nest.jpg]

[Image: Budgie-parakeets-nest.jpg]

The following is the full view of their enclosure.
[Image: Budgie-parakeets-cage.jpg]

One of the two budgie parakeets was using the little wood ladder.
[Image: Budgie-parakeets-01-1024x573.jpg]

The blue parakeet likes to try out all the new toys. Now he is swinging.
[Image: Budgie-parakeet-swings-1024x574.jpg]
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10-30-2013, 02:54 PM,
Ram Offline
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RE: Meet my new Budgerigar (budgie) Parakeets
Nice setup. Beautiful budgies! Thumbsup

I have had them when I was a kid. Very active little birds. Hardy for their size. One pair of mine even escaped after they opened the cage by themselves. Hopefully someone found them and took good care of them.

From my understanding, the green budgie of yours is sexually matured. The blue one is still a juvenile. You can tell that part from the strips on their head. The green budgie is showing a yellow head without any strip, while the blue one has strip all the way down to the nose. When the blue budgie is matured, the head should turn white without any strip. Another sign to see whether or not a budgie is matured is from the eye. You can see the white outline around in matured budgie, while the juvenile will have full black or dark brown eyes without any white part.

It is hard to tell from the photos. Which one is the male, which one is the female?

Keep us updated. Tongue
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11-01-2013, 12:40 PM,
Thor Online


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RE: Meet my new Budgerigar Parakeets
The green budgie is the female since her nose is brown. I was told the blue budgie is the male by the vendor, but I am not 100% sure. His nose is pink, and from what I just learned both male and female can have pink nose before they are fully mature. Matured male will have a blue nose. The blue budgie is way more active than the green one for sure. It is said that the male budgie are more active than the female. I guess to be sure, we will have to wait for the blue budgie to be mature first. Tongue

I have since made some improvements to the cage. A cuttle bone along with cuttle bone holder (green and in the back of the cage) and a mineral rock (white, and it is on the left side of the cage) were added to the cage. I heard it is good for not only condition their beaks, but it also great for them to get some much needed minerals. So far it seems my budgies do like to chew on the mineral rock more often than the cuttlebone.

Check out the photo of new and improved budgie cage, Big Grin
[Image: improved-cage-574x1024.jpg]
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05-27-2014, 05:31 AM,
millshre Offline
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RE: Meet my new Budgerigar Parakeets
They're so pretty! I love the picture of them kissing in their nest.

I fell in love with some parakeets at the pet store a few months ago and thus became obsessed with reading about birds in general. Once we get a little more settled, I'd love to have some but now I can't decide which I want and am in danger of becoming a crazy bird lady.

Do they have names?
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