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People are allergic to their pets - but could your pet be allergic to you?!
04-17-2015, 06:17 PM,
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People are allergic to their pets - but could your pet be allergic to you?!
I read an article recently but can't find the source online right now. It made mention of the fact that just like humans can be allergic to dog fur and cat fur, pets can actually be allergic to humans. It makes sense, of course, but I had just never thought about it like that before. It said the main symptoms of allergies in dogs are much like they are in the human population that suffer from allergies -- things like having a runny nose, sneezing a lot, or itching.

Have you ever suspected your pet could be allergic to you?

I personally don't think my pets show any signs that are out of the ordinary that would make me think they were allergic. Of course they occasionally sneeze and so forth, but nothing extreme.

The article also mentioned that vets can test pets for these allergies to humans, and just like in humans the vet can prescribe medication to essentially retrain their system to cope with the allergy.

Modern science is so interesting!
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