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A Cat's Do-It-Yourself Projects for Around the House
05-29-2016, 09:37 PM,
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A Cat's Do-It-Yourself Projects for Around the House
Does your cat like to 'fix' things? Mine certainly does. A couple winters ago, I got tired of winter weather blowing in through the air conditioner, so I put a cover over it. Since I live in a second floor apartment, it had to be an indoor cover. Well, my kitty, Callie-sue, likes to hear the flapper on top of the conditioner clacking as the air blows through it. She climbed the book shelf, stared at that cover for the longest time, as if figuring it out, and once she had it completely understood, she worked at getting rid of it. She finally managed to yank the cover entirely off the air conditioner and when the wind blew through it again it clacked, of course. I was surprised to hear it clacking again, so I went to investigate only to find her quite proudly standing on the book shelf, enjoying her handiwork. She looked at me as if to say... "see mom? I fixed it. Aren't you proud of me?" I knew that she'd never rest if I put the cover back on so I bit the bullet and let her have her favorite 'clack'.

Another time, she decided she didn't want a certain ornament on the Christmas tree, and every day I'd find it on the floor. I'd put it back and before long it would be on the floor again. This happened every single time until finally I just left it on the floor to see what she'd do. But instead of playing with it, as I thought she might, Callie-sue completely ignored it. She didn't want that ornament as a toy, she simply wanted it off the tree. Apparently it disagreed with her sense of aesthetics. So... clearly my kitty is not only a repair-woman but also an interior decorator at heart. 

How about you folks? Anyone got any stories about decorator cats, or fix-it cats?  Popcorn
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05-29-2016, 11:26 PM,
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RE: A Cat's Do-It-Yourself Projects for Around the House
Just like we have different personalities, animals too have their own intelligence, will and emotions which are distinct from each other. I would not be surprised if there is a cat that can fix things. In my country especially at the coast, there are some families which keep many cats most of them black in colour and instances of intruders being attacked by these cats have been reported. There are also anecdotes of how some pet owner decided to get rid of his cat and took it to the deep zone of a dam. Instead of the cat plunging freely into the water, it held tightly to his neck with its rasping claws and in the confusion, both of them fell into the dam and drowned. There was a certain cat in our family that would overturn its milk dish if it didn't like the contents. I have also observed cats groom each other and this shows empathy. Some researchers in the spiritual realm which I am very much into aver that monitoring spirits can inhabit animals especially pets to siphon information about the household for onward transmission for negative action. But give it to the kittens to do amazing things when they express their bubbly personalities.
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