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Declawing Your Cat
08-02-2016, 02:20 AM,
CatCuddler57 Offline
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Declawing Your Cat
Would you ever declaw your cat to save your furniture?  I have a friend who is considering it and I can't seem to talk her out of it.  It's hard to explain how declawing your cat is like crippling it.
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08-25-2016, 11:56 PM,
rz3300 Offline
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RE: Declawing Your Cat
Well I have been against this for my entire life, and I really do not see the point, but I guess to each their own or no harm no found, however you want to put it. Our cats have always had their claws, but we have a neighbor cat that is basically ours now too who has him front claws out, and I just feel bad. You can tell he still thinks that they are there, which is kind of funny, but sad in the end. I get it, but it is something that I cannot see myself doing. But, again, to each their own on matters like this. Thanks for sharing.
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