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Kefir for your dog !
05-27-2016, 05:27 AM,
Happyflowerlady Offline


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Kefir for your dog !
I started making my own homemade kefir when I read about all of the health benefits that kefir has. If you aren't sure what kefir is, it is similar to yogurt or buttermilk, and is drinkable.
 Kefir has more natural probiotics than yogurt does , and is actually much better than buying probiotics for yourself. 
Not only that, but it is very simple and easy to make at home, using a kefir starter packet. 
After I started reading about how excellent it is as a supplement (and nourishing food) for people, I looked up kefir and dogs, and it is also very beneficial for dogs as well. 

When I first put it out, Tootsie, who eats anything, gobbled hers right down; but my little Chipper was much more picky about it. 
He sniffed a couple of times and then looked at me as if to say "This does not smell like my morning cream does", and he would not even taste it. 
So, I got some canned dog food, and mixed some in his dog dish with a dab of the kefir in it, and he decided that that was fine. 
So that is how he gets his kefir now. 
Starting out with just a tiny bit and then gradually increasing the amount is also what is recommended, both for the dog to get used to the taste, and because of not wanting to overload the dog's tummy with probiotics all at once. 
Since kefir removes toxins from the digestive tract, too much at first can cause a reaction, and your dog could be a little sick until it was cleared up.  Starting with a small amount will do the same process, but slowly, so easier for your pet. 

Here is a website that explains about kefir for dogs, and how much to give them. 

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05-27-2016, 03:03 PM,
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RE: Kefir for your dog !
I have read about this kefir in another thread. But I am now well-versed with kefir and in fact, I only learned about it in forums. This reminds me when the hype on raw chicken meat hit our country, the shih tzu club had advocated it. There were 2 of my friends who were feeding their shih tzu with raw chicken meat until they realized that it was not good and that cooked chicken meat is better. So in that same vein, I would wait for some more time for this kefir to be proven beneficial to dogs.
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