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My new puppy is a nightmare
02-10-2015, 11:08 AM,
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My new puppy is a nightmare
Hello everyone, i need some advice !!!!! ASAP !!!!!! im going crazy !!!

I got a puppy 2 days ago that i fell in love with, he was so happy, full of joy ! He's a schnauzer and hes 2 months old. i spoil him like crazy, i got him everything he needs, food, treats, cage, pee pads. and idk why he still cries, and doesnt play around ??? like whyyyyyy ??Gen068 im going to love him and not hurt him. i dont understand !! he cried and idk why ? like i dont know what to do ? i love him so much and i want him to be happy .
he's only playful with me, he's always scare, hes never playful with my family only me .
if im not home he stays under bed until i get home. which breaks my heart because i want him to be happy ! idk what to do Bawling
he wants to be with me 24/7 which i love that, but i need to work and the fact that he doesnt want to be around nobody worries me .
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02-10-2015, 06:29 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-10-2015, 06:31 PM by Dillydally.)
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RE: My new puppy is a nightmare
Sounds like your puppy is lacking a bit of confidence in himself and his surroundings. It's only been a few days so he will adjust, you just have to be proactive. Try to get someone else to hold him while you give him treats. Then see if he will
Start accepting treats from that person. Sometimes puppies whine because they are tired. Mine was a monster and I couldn't figure out why until someone said he was probably just overtired. I really recommend getting a crate for him because puppies are kind of like toddlers, they don't want to go to sleep but they need too. Putting a comfy bed in the crate with some chew toys and a blanket draped over the crate will make him feel safer and he will relax. I'd say for every hour he's up and playing in the day he can go back in to rest another hour or two. Adjust the ratio as you see fit. Hope that helps!
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