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Pinatas For Pets?
03-07-2013, 09:05 AM,
4sweed Offline


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Pinatas For Pets?
At my nehew's birthday party he was given a huge football Pinata, to try and break open with a stick. It was fun and all who attended watch him wack the pinata for the candy inside.

One of the guests talked about buying pinatas for her parrot, and another person had bought one for her cat. Of course the stuffing for the parrot was different the treat for the cat, but I found the whole idea interesting.

Pinatas come in different shapes and heights, and colors. There are donkeys, (most familier to most of us, when we were kids), frog prince and hula pig, penguin and unicorn, pirate parrot and duck, monkey and lion, cat and elephants.

If your parrot gets one it has banana chips and raisins, papaya and pineapple treats. Cat food might be included for puss to enjoy and tiny doggy bones in ones for fideo.

I am sure our Boots (cat) would love tearing something like this up, oh what a big mess he would make.

Have you purchased a Pinata, for your pet? Did the pet enjoy eating the treat inside? Did your pet have fun tearing the Pinata apart?
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03-11-2013, 04:17 AM,
jenb128 Offline


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RE: Pinatas For Pets?
My cockatiel LOVES the little birdie pinatas. I get him the ones without treats inside, though. He has a lot of food sensitivities and can't eat the stuff that usually comes inside. He just loves to chew them and pick them apart. The ones I get him are made of woven palm leaf, and he likes to chew a strip loose from the top, and then pull out the entire strip. Sometimes I'll make them out of those finger traps - I'll hide a sprig of millet inside (his favorite treat), and stuff the ends with crinkle paper.
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05-11-2013, 07:09 AM,
sakee Offline
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RE: Pinatas For Pets?
What a creative idea! I have not heard of this before, there are just so many different treats for pets now.I love your idea of making them from the finger tap toys, jenb128. Your bird looks very playful and cute, I'm sure he enjoys these little treats. I have guinea pigs, I can't see them making the effort to get into a pinata.
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