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Share your funny cat stories!
07-31-2014, 11:54 AM,
freespirited1 Offline
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Share your funny cat stories!
Because cat owners are always full of cute stories about their furry babies, I thought that it would make a great new thread for everyone to post their funny cat stories.

I will start with mine:

My late cat, Sam, was always doing funny things, but the most amazing thing he ever did involved a hamster.

A few years ago, I went back to college which required a lot of late night studying. My daughter was in the fifth grade at the time, and had a much adored pet hamster. She was always taking him out of his cage to play. One day, he escaped and we couldn't find him anywhere. We searched the entire house more than once, but he was nowhere to be found. I figured he was a lost cause with a cat in the house.

Two or three nights later, I was up late preparing for a test. Suddenly I heard a strange, eerie screeching sound, that slowly became louder and closer. Frightened, I jumped up from the desk and ran towards the sound just in time to see Sam bounding up the stairs, carrying the hamster in his mouth like a mother cat carries her kitten. The hamster was crying out in terror. When Sam saw me, he calmly walked up to me and dropped the hamster at my feet. He knew we had lost the hamster, and he had found the prize!

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08-03-2014, 02:54 AM,
JudyCap Offline
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RE: Share your funny cat stories!
I have a cat, and a little dog. They get along okay actually better than I thought they would, as they are both 8 years old and not raised together. I got the cat last year from the Kootenia Co. Humane Society. The dog, I have had since she was weaned.

My neighbor has a Golden Retriever, and sometimes a Black Lab that comes to visit. I am retired, and am home most days, so I will go get the dogs off from their ropes, let them go do their business, then bring them in my house where it is cooler than outside.

Yesterday the big dogs and my little one were in the house, my little one, Lil Bit, and Cooper the black lab got into a fight over a flip chip. I immediatly broke it up and gave them both a swat, and took the flip chip away from them both. Right at that time, My cat, Kitty Joe came in thru the window I keep open for him. He was loaded for Bear. or in this case a Black Lab. He came in the window growling, I am sure if I hadn't have already stopped the fight, that Joe would have stuck up for Lil Bit and would have taken Cooper on. Too bad that Lil Bit won't remember this the next time she is in bed with me and Joe comes in and starts "talking" If I don't hold her down she will run him off in a heart beat. Exclamation
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08-03-2014, 03:27 AM,
jen_j_26 Offline
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RE: Share your funny cat stories!
My husband and I have one kitty who is rather odd. She likes to "hunt" laundry items for us! She'll go off in search of small things (socks, underwear, etc.) and pretty soon we'll hear her calling to us in a very specific, loud voice. She'll keep shouting until we call back to her, then she'll come bounding downstairs with her "prize" in her mouth, calling all the way. We got her as a stray from a shelter, and she was already an adult when we got her, so no idea where she learned this behavior. She's done it ever since we brought her home. She usually tries to find small things, but sometimes she'll surprise us with something large, like a pair of pj pants or a shirt. That is always the funniest, seeing her waddling down the stairs dragging a whole pair of pants behind her! I had never heard of a cat doing this before we got her, but since then I've done some research and it seems like this is something some kitties just DO for whatever reason, though no one seems to know why. She seems to do it when she feels like she isn't getting enough attention, though why it is this specific behavior, I have no idea. Cats are strange, haha!
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